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Guide to buying your bean bag or bean bag chair

  posted by MBB on November 01, 2009 13:00 as Articles

Large Bean BagsBean bags were traditionally a kidís bedroom accessory but that's a thing of the past, now they are functional yet stylish and a must have for any room in your home and fabulous soft furniture for your garden.

Our bean chairs and bags are available in cotton drill, corduroy, pvc / vinyl, faux leather, faux suede, animal skins. Some are waterproof and suitable for outdoor use and others are wipe clean and great for the lounge rooms, family rooms, conservatories and bedrooms.

Our bean cushions, cubes, wedgies, sofas and scatters are great for schools and libraries as soft seating areas, reading corners, group work, they are perfect to share a book and work together. They are so versatile, light and easily moved around or stacked for storage.

Filled with polystyrene beans you wonít have to worry about the inside going mouldy and if for any reason the beans got wet, then simply let them dry out before further use. They donít even attract bugs!

So what should you be thinking about?

Consideration 1 - Where is your bean bag going to be used?
Size is important, our larger bean sofas and cushions are HUGE and measuring the space you have is important before ordering. The large floor cushions are great for lounging on and straddling whilst watching TV or as a chair propped against a wall.... you still have to store it, so be sure you consider all the options. The kids chairs may be great for a 3 year old but is really too small for a 7 year old but your 7 year olds will adore the large Saddle Chairs and pouffes.

Consideration 2 - Which material will suit me best?
 If you want to use the bean bag for indoor use, then Cotton or Corduroy may be your first choice, but if you want to extend the use into the garden then why not consider Faux Leather or the In Out options all available in wonderful colours. The garden bean cushions are a dream to sun bathe on adn support every inch of your body, the bean chairs are fabulous to sit on and chat with a glass of wine.

Consideration 3 - Who am I buying for?
The choice of colours is amazing and you can surely find a colour to suit any roomís decor. If you are buying for a small child, teenager, Ďbig kidí or your suave self, then you may want to consider longevity of the bean bag... Our faux leather bean bags will never go out of fashion and the corduroy is right up to the minute.

Consideration 4 - Do all bean bags meet UK safety standards?
All bean bags from Magic Bean Bags meet the UK safety standards and are fire retardant. You should be aware of cheap imports made with inferior materials and fillings. All of our bags, chairs and cushions etc are manufactured in the UK with exception to the branded LOFTBAG which are made to order in France and shipped directly to you.

So if you want a cow hide bean bag, gold faux leather bean cushion, indigo scatter cushions, an aqua gaming chair etc etc... we have a solution for you!

More questions?
If you have any further questions regarding our bean bags or would like advice on which is the best buy for you then please call our sales team on 0845 539 2552.

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Faux Leather Bean Bags for Schools

  posted by MBB on October 21, 2009 5:34 as Articles

Floor CushionsHard Wearing Bean Bags

The Faux Leather Bean Bags and Faux Leather Floor Cushions are a perfect choice for schools as the Faux Leather is waterproof and can be used inside and outdoors (obviously all our bean bags meet the UK safety standards and are fire retardant)

View our Faux Leather Range


These excellent quality and value bean bags are waterproof and are easily cleaned to ensure hygiene standards and longevity.

Scatter CushionsBook corners & Libraries

The Floor Cushions, as well as the scatter cushions and slabs are excellent for soft areas for children to read and share their work. Easily moved and stored.

View our Faux Leather Range

Vivid Colours

The colours on offer throughout the Faux Leather range are just amazing and will not disappoint. The range of colours will fit in with your school logo, or classroom furniture.... The choice is yours!

Black Navy Blue Red Yellow Lime Brown Orange Aqua pink

More choices

Why not look at our bean bag cubes, slabs and pouffes too!

Faux Leather Slab Faux Leather PouffeFaux Leather & Outdoor Cubes

View our Faux Leather Range

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Magic Bean Feast

  posted by MBB on October 07, 2009 14:18 as Articles

We dont just deliver polystyrene filled sacks we can also deliver a perfect bean feast recipe. Having a chat in the office we started playing link to the 'beans' game so we're gonna share our ideas with you!

This Bean Feast is an easy one to prepare and let the whole family get stuck in. It'll probably do a couple of meaks too! Serve with mashed potoato or rice and garlic bread for a slight alternative each night!

Try out this great Bean Casserole

Plenty for 4 or more!

1 onion
1 apple
400g tin plum tomatoes
1/2 pint stock
2 tbsp tomato puree
3 carrots
12 cooked sausages sliced (vege sausages could be used)
4 slices of bacon diced
400g butter beans
400g Greek bortolli beans
400g red kidney beans
Cup of peas

What to do!

Pre heat the oven to Gas Mark 5 (180ļ)
Blend together the onion, apple, tomatoes and puree
Add the stock and place in the casserole dish with the carrots
Simmer on the hob until carrots are tender
Add bacon and sausages and cook for a further 3/4 hour
In the last 5 minutes at a cup of peas
Serve with mashed potatoes
Sprinke with cheese (optional)


Try different beans and just finely chopping the onion, apple, tomatoes. If you have a croc pot then simply cook the suasages and add all the ingredients and set the slow cooker to Low and it'll be ready in about 7 hours

Delicious and ENJOY

If you have any recipes to contribute or alternatives that may tickle our taste buds please feel free to post them here! - We'll try them out and get back to you - you could even win a £20 Voucher for your next purchase - NOW that has got to be tempting!

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Put Your Feet Up

  posted by MBB on September 06, 2009 9:49 as Articles

Saddle PouffeThe Saddle Chair has been the highlight of our Summer and now you can put you feet up for extra comfort with the Saddle Pouffe. The amazing footrest stool accompanies the Saddle Chair for the ultimate relaxation or gaming chair. Your body will be completely relaxed and your feet will be rested too! BLISS

Saddle Chair Indoor OutdoorAvailable in the Indoor Outdoor and Faux Leather (both suitable for the garden and water resistant) Plus a Cordoroy Cotton

Saddle Chair Faux LeatherAll in 12 amazing colours!

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Footy season has started

  posted by MBB on August 15, 2009 16:15 as Articles

Football Bean BagThe football season is off to a kicking start, so to support our footy fans we are now offering the perfect bean bag to watch the match. Choose from red and white, royal blue and white or black and white. Relax and watch the match in comfort.

The football bean bag is perfect for schools, libraries and bedrooms!

The faux leather  is easily wiped clean for those accidental spills at those all important screeches of 'GOAL' for the team's win or mopping up the tears at a home defeat!


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Baaa-army Sheep Bean Bag

  posted by MBB on August 07, 2009 11:10 as Articles

Sheep BeanbagMagic Bean Bags is delighted to offer the new Sheep Bean Bag in 11 fabulous colours! The designer Sheep Bean Bag will look great in any bedroom, libary or classroom.

Funky bean bags

You can bleet to your mates about owning the funkiest fun sheep bean bag ever!

The bean bag has careful stitching to add to the design.

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Huge Bean Bags

  posted by MBB on July 22, 2009 15:29 as Articles

Big enough to shareOur fabulous range large bean filled beanbags, sofa beds and floor cushions are ideal for relaxing or playing, many easily double as occasional beds and will be perfect in any teenagerís bedroom. Lie flat for sleepovers or prop against the bed or wall for a comfy lounger and gaming chair.

The huge bean bags offer versatility with style. The floor cushions can be ordered in duo colours to add a compare and contrast feature to your room. Simply sink and indulge in the whole body indulgence of support of the polystyrene beans moulding to your every curve.

The bean sofa beds make a fabulously affordable spare bed and offer a very comfortable nightís sleep for your guests. The enormous bean bags are superbly comfy and offer a great place for bed time stories with enough room for everyone to share. Throw this light weight sofa into a conservatory for an occasional chair or choose the garden and outdoor sofa bean bed and relax in the sun on your decking or lawn.

Large SlabThe enormous beanbags of every shape (bean loungers, bean bag floor cushions, bean sofa beds, bean sofas, bean slabs) are perfect for uni common rooms, funky bar areas and hang outs. The garden bean bags are so soft and not particularly cold to the touch and with the water proof fabric are easily kept clean from spilled drinks and sticky fingers. These massive bean bags are made to order in the UK and meet British Safety standards including being fire retardant.

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Cotton Bean Bag Slider

  posted by MBB on July 22, 2009 13:43 as Articles

Bean Bag SlideMagic Bean Bagsí cotton bean bag sliders are beautifully made and available in a range of colours. The Sliders are a modern twist on the classic bean bag and offer extra back support and are perfect for bedrooms.  The Slider is a lean mean relaxing bean bag which offers contoured support for you back and legs

If space is not your option then take a look at the great Bean Bag Saddle Chair which has a higher back to give neck support and is perfect for gaming and relaxing to watch TV.

The comfy slider bean chair allows you to put your feet up and relax. Relax with a book and in complete comfort. Play your games machines with your mates or watch tele. The back is self supporting so does not need extra support.

The bean bag sliders are available in small and large so suitable for kids and adults. The range of colours will fit in with any decor or bedroom colour scheme and are sure to please the fussiest of teenager.

The cotton drill is easily wiped clean and meet all British Safety and Fire Standards. A double reverse zip ensures beans cannot be spilled as the outer zip is accidentally opened as there is a reverse zip inside which cannot opened by unawares or mischievous fingers!

All our bean bags are made in the UK and made to order.

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A Magic Bean Bag Iced Coffee

  posted by MBB on July 10, 2009 14:55 as Articles

Once you have your Super Saddle Bean Bag Chair, you need to relax and enjoy. Magic Bean Bags recommends a rather tall iced coffe but with a touch of magic (obviously)!

Magic Iced Coffee- makes 2 glasses

You will need:
4 tsp instant coffee
1 tsp sugar
pink of milk
lots of ice
beaker with lid

Place the coffee and sugar into the beaker, dissolve in a a few drops of hot / nearly boiling water

Add the milk and shake vigourously, aim for lots of froth!

Fill 2 tall glasses with lots of ice and pour the beaker contents over. Place a straw in each glass

Add your magic and stir once with your straw

The Magic: well this is really up to you - add one shot per glass of:
Bailey's Irish Cream
A Tipple of Brandy & Amiretto
... get the idea?!


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Make a Bean Bag Game

  posted by MBB on July 06, 2009 13:02 as Articles

Making a bean bag game is great fun with your kids.

Make your own beanbagsYou can leave the classic bean bags and bean chairs to us, whilst you get the sewing needles and sewing machines out with the kids. The small fun homemade Bean Bags offer a great range of games and you can guarentee the kids will make up their own games

You will need

Felt, funky fabric, scissors, felt-top pen, ruler, squared paper, thread, sewing machine, dried beans

Why felt?

Felt is great material for making bean bags as it doesnít fray so you donít have to worry about edges. Fleece material is just as good!

How to make a bean bag gameInstructions

1.   Decide what sized beanbags you would like to make, we are basing ours on 12cm squares

2.   Cut a template of 12cm squares

3.   Take one piece of felt and pin your template to it, cut carefully and neatly around your template (Remember, the edges of the beanbag  will be shown so neat edges will give a better finished design)

4.    Draw, with your marker, a simple shape on the reverse of your cut out towards the centre leave approximately a minimum of a 2cm margin (this will be inside your bean bag so dont worry about redrawing your cutout shapes)
5.   Cut out your design (remember if using letters to draw them backwards as you are drawing on the inside)
6.   Get your funky fabric and cut it large enough to cover your cut out but smaller than your felt square
7.   Pin the fabric to the felt and sew closely to the edge of the cut out (pins help to stretch the fabric across the space and avoids gaping)
8.   Place  and pin your second felt square to the back  and sew around three sides approximately 1cm from the edge

9.   Half fill your bean bags with dry beans, (polystyrene beans, split peas, popcorn, lentils, rice etc would also do)

10. Ensure all of your beans are away from the open end and sew to seal the beans inside. (maybe add a pin to hold the beans back)


Add lace or ribbons to your designs

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