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Guide to buying your bean bag or bean bag chair

  posted by MBB on November 01, 2009 13:00 as Articles

Large Bean BagsBean bags were traditionally a kidís bedroom accessory but that's a thing of the past, now they are functional yet stylish and a must have for any room in your home and fabulous soft furniture for your garden.

Our bean chairs and bags are available in cotton drill, corduroy, pvc / vinyl, faux leather, faux suede, animal skins. Some are waterproof and suitable for outdoor use and others are wipe clean and great for the lounge rooms, family rooms, conservatories and bedrooms.

Our bean cushions, cubes, wedgies, sofas and scatters are great for schools and libraries as soft seating areas, reading corners, group work, they are perfect to share a book and work together. They are so versatile, light and easily moved around or stacked for storage.

Filled with polystyrene beans you wonít have to worry about the inside going mouldy and if for any reason the beans got wet, then simply let them dry out before further use. They donít even attract bugs!

So what should you be thinking about?

Consideration 1 - Where is your bean bag going to be used?
Size is important, our larger bean sofas and cushions are HUGE and measuring the space you have is important before ordering. The large floor cushions are great for lounging on and straddling whilst watching TV or as a chair propped against a wall.... you still have to store it, so be sure you consider all the options. The kids chairs may be great for a 3 year old but is really too small for a 7 year old but your 7 year olds will adore the large Saddle Chairs and pouffes.

Consideration 2 - Which material will suit me best?
 If you want to use the bean bag for indoor use, then Cotton or Corduroy may be your first choice, but if you want to extend the use into the garden then why not consider Faux Leather or the In Out options all available in wonderful colours. The garden bean cushions are a dream to sun bathe on adn support every inch of your body, the bean chairs are fabulous to sit on and chat with a glass of wine.

Consideration 3 - Who am I buying for?
The choice of colours is amazing and you can surely find a colour to suit any roomís decor. If you are buying for a small child, teenager, Ďbig kidí or your suave self, then you may want to consider longevity of the bean bag... Our faux leather bean bags will never go out of fashion and the corduroy is right up to the minute.

Consideration 4 - Do all bean bags meet UK safety standards?
All bean bags from Magic Bean Bags meet the UK safety standards and are fire retardant. You should be aware of cheap imports made with inferior materials and fillings. All of our bags, chairs and cushions etc are manufactured in the UK with exception to the branded LOFTBAG which are made to order in France and shipped directly to you.

So if you want a cow hide bean bag, gold faux leather bean cushion, indigo scatter cushions, an aqua gaming chair etc etc... we have a solution for you!

More questions?
If you have any further questions regarding our bean bags or would like advice on which is the best buy for you then please call our sales team on 0845 539 2552.

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